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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love Quotes

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Latest Collection Of Love Quotes

  • I Suggest You To Do War But Never Love. Because In War Either You Live Or You Die. But In Love Neither You Live Nor You Die. -  Adolf Hitler
  • Love Means To Love That Which Is Unlovable; Or It Is No Virtue At All. -  G. K. Chesterton
  • Everyone Admits That Love Is Wonderful And Necessary, Yet No One Agrees On Just What It Is. -  Diane 
  • And In The End The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make.
  • The Last Lyric Of Their Last Song 
  • In Literature As In Love, We Are Astonished At What Is Chosen By Others. -  Andre Maurois
  • So It’s Not Gonna Be Easy. It’s Gonna Be Really Hard. We’re Gonna Have To Work At This Every Day, But I Want To Do That Because I Want You. I Want All Of You, Forever, You And Me, Every Day… – Ryan Gosling, The Notebook
  • Action Is Meaningless And Action Without Love Is Irrelevant. 
  • No, I Don’t Think I Will Kiss You, Although You Need Kissing, Badly. That’s What’s Wrong With You. You Should Be Kissed And Often, And By Someone Who Knows How.
  • Beyond All Ideas Of Right And Wrong, There Is A Field. I Will Meet You There.
  • My Heart Is, And Always Will Be, Yours. – Sense And Sensibility
  • Don’t Seek Love, But Seek And Find All The Barriers Within Yourself That You Have Built Against It
  • It Was A Million Tiny Little Things That, When You Added Them All Up, They Meant We Were Supposed To Be Together… And I Knew It. – Tom Hanks.
  • No One Realizes The Beauty Of Love, Until You’re Caught In It. -  Author Unknown
  •  Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry. – Ali MacGraw, Love Story
  • Salt Is To Food What Love Is To Life.

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