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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birthday Jokes

Latest Collection Of Happy Birthday Jokes Joke

Latest Collection Of Happy Birthday Jokes Latest Collection Of Famous Best Collection Happy Birthday Jokes Top Collection Birthday Jokes.

Latest Collection Of Happy Birthday Jokes

A Few Months Before His Sixtieth Birthday, George Began Planning His Party. He Called Up His 30-Year-Old Daughter For Some Help.
“Why Don’t You Invite All Your Old High School Buddies?” She Asked. “That Could Be A Lot Of Fun.”
“I’d Like To Bring All My High School Buddies To The Party,” Said George, “But I Don’t Want To Get Arrested.”
His Daughter Laughed. “Why Would You Get Arrested For Bringing Your High School Buddies To Your Birthday Party?”
“Don’t You Know?” Asked George. “Grave Robbing Is A Crime.”

For His Birthday I Gave My Son An Iphone.
My Daughter Received An Ipod For Her’s, And For My Birthday I Was Pleased To Receive An Ipad.
Thinking Along The Same Lines, I Got My Wife An Iron, And That’s When The Fight Started

Little Johnny: Mom, Do You Know What I’m Going To Give You For Your Birthday?
Mom: No, Dear, What?
Little Johnny: A Nice Teapot.
Mom: But I’ve Got A Nice Teapot.
Little Johnny: No You Haven’t. I’ve Just Dropped It.

It’s My Wife’s Birthday Tomorrow. Last Week I Asked Her What She Wanted As A Present.
‘Oh, I Don’t Know,’ She Said . ‘Just Give Me Something With Diamonds.’
That’s Why I’m Giving Her A Pack Of Playing Cards.

Patient: Doctor, I Get Heartburn Every Time I Eat Birthday Cake.”
Doctor: Next Time, Take Off The Candles.

Forget About The Past, You Can’t Change It.
Forget About The Future, You Can’t Predict It.
Forget About The Present, I Didn’t Get You One.

Latest Collection Of Happy Birthday Jokes

Artificial Intelligence Is A Wonderful Thing.
I Told My Computer That Today Is My Birthday,
And It Said I Needed An Upgrade

The Old Lady Was Being Interviewed By Reporters On The Occasion Of Her 110th Birthday.  “What Do You Think Is The Reason For Your Long Life?” They Asked Her.  “Oh,” She Replied, “I Suppose It’s Because I Was Born Such A Long Time Ago.”

Q:  What Do You Always Get On Your Birthday?
A:  Another Year Older!
Q:  What Did The Elephant Wish For On His Birthday?
A:  A Trunk Full Of Gifts!
Q:  What Do You Give A 900-Pound Gorilla For His Birthday?
A:  I Don’t Know, But You’d Better Hope He Likes It!

All The World’s A Stage,
And All The Men And Women Merely Players.
They Have Their Exits And Entrances,
And One Man In His Time Plays Many Parts.

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